About Region 4

The Region 4 Programs Office manages and oversees initiatives that serve individuals of the regional Community Services Boards (CSBs) and affiliated state psychiatric facilities (Central State Hospital, Piedmont Geriatric Hospital). The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) is the fiscal agent for regional funds and Regional Office host, and RBHA also directly operates many of the programs that serve all seven Community Services Boards in the central Virginia region. The other six participating CSBs in Region 4 include Chesterfield, Crossroads (Farmville area), District 19 (Petersburg area), Goochland-Powhatan, Hanover, and Henrico Area.


The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) oversees public behavioral health services statewide and endorses a regional management approach for coordinated service delivery among Community Services Boards in Virginia. CSBs are the local behavioral health agencies that serve as the point of entry into publicly-funded services for mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders.
Region 4, as defined by DBHDS, consists of localities served by:

  • Chesterfield Mental Health Services
  • Crossroads Area Community Services Board
  • District 19 Community Services Board
  • Goochland-Powhatan Community Services Board
  • Hanover Area Community Services Board
  • Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services
  • Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

For more than 20 years, the above CSBs, along with Central State and Piedmont Geriatric Hospitals, have partnered as the Region 4 Consortium in the development and implementation of many regional initiatives and programs serving individuals over the lifespan. The consortium meets monthly to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs.

Annual Report

Region 4 Team

Amy Erb, Senior Director of Regional Programs
Email: erba@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 819-4187 

Andrew Bains, Region 4 Data Management Specialist
Email: andrew.bains@rbha.org
Phone:  (804) 637-2695

Kirk Morton, Region 4 Utilization Management Specialist
Email: mortonk@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 317-4643

Jenny Kelly, Region 4 Hub Project Manager
Email: kellyj@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 241-4047

Hannah Neukrug, Region 4 Project Coordinator-Marcus Alert
Email: hannah.neukrug@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 799-3096

Alicia K. Biggs, Region 4 Crisis Hub Program Coordinator
Email: alicia.biggs@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 933-3684

Abbey Davidson, Region 4 Call Center Care Navigator
Email: abbagail.davidson@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 819-4146

Kim Claros, Region 4 Programs Manager 
Email: clarosk@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 819-5232

Alexis Lawson, Region 4 Administrative Coordinator
Email: alexis.lawson@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 637-1292

Grace Thomas-White, Region 4 Housing Coordinator
Email: grace.thomaswhite@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 212-6457

Carla Heath, Region 4 Lead Peer Recovery Specialist Coordinator
Email: carla.heath@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 363-6925

Bently Wood, Region 4 Lead Peer Recovery Specialist Coordinator
Email: robert.wood@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 363-6925

Katie Webb, Region 4 Training and Development Coordinator
Email: katie.webb@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 461-9807

Amanda Kalna, Region 4 Training Specialist
Email:  amanda.kalna@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 270-8838

Jennifer Matovich, Psy.D. – Region 4 Jail Team Program Manager
Email: jennifer.matovich@dbhds.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 524-7317

Johnette Lewis, Region 4 Jail Team Clinician
Email: Johnette.Lewis@dbhds.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 524-4566

Latisha Washington, Region 4 Jail Team Re-Entry Coordinator
Email: latisha.washington@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 221-0316

Vernon Phelps, Region 4 Jail Team Clinician
Email: vernon.phelps@dbhds.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 524-7516

Portia Walters, Region 4 SUD Diversion Liaison
Email: portia.walters@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 837-5438

Jackie Johnson, Region 4 Service Members, Veterans and Families Regional Navigator
Email: jackie.johnson@rbha.org
Phone: (804) 385-2631

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